Regardless of your budget, RSP will work closely with you to create the sound you want for your audience. We use the highest quality equipment, including:

Macpro Quad Core 3 GHz processor
klein and hummel 0300 & 0800 sub
Digi 003 (Black Lion Audio Signature Series Modification)
MAudio midi keyboard

Plugins include:
iZotope Ozone, Trash, Spectron
Waves Mercury bundle
Melodyne Studio
Ron Papen
Vocal Aline

Logic Pro 9
Protools 9
Ableton Live 7
Reason 5

Visit samples page to check out some of the past mixes

Live (F.O.H.) Mixing

Mixing F.O.H. has always been a something that Jake Subin loves; its unpredictable, exciting and instantly rewarding. His F.O.H. discography is just as diverse as his studio experience, mixing for genres ranging from Punk and Hardcore Rock to Classical and Contemporary Christian. Although live mixing and studio mixing are two different animals Jake Subin applies the same high standards for both; great sound quality, great performance and an amazing atmosphere for both the listener and the performers.