About RSP

Jake Subin is the owner and chief engineer of Ruben Subin Productions. He has worked with artists such as Alt-J, Dirty Projectors, Chvrches, Dry the River, Conor O'Brien (The Villagers), and Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie).

Jake was inspired at a young age by the rich music and arts culture in his hometown of Northampton, Massachusetts. He started playing drums at 14 and quickly became interested in playing and recording music with local bands. Jake's first recordings were done on cheap 8-channel mixers sub-mixed to 2- and 4-track cassette players.

After a few years, Jake saw a need to expand his knowledge of recording and mixing, and he enrolled in the University of Hartford’s audio engineering program. During his time in college he worked as a staff engineer, manager and technician for the University's studios. By spending many late nights in the studio, Jake gained experience recording and mixing a wide variety of music, including orchestral music, traditional Irish music, rock, metal, punk, rap and R&B.

After earning his degree, Jake accepted a job at NBC Universal in New York City. While working at NBC he also worked part-time in a commercial recording studio in the city, and after several months he was able to expand his studio work into full-time employment. Over the past several years, Jake has worked at some of the top recording studios in New York.

Jake's attention to detail and knowledge of gear makes for smooth and efficient sessions. No matter the background, needs, or musical style of the artist Jake strives to create a relaxed but focused atmosphere which allows artists to concentrate on what is most important: the music.